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lil phizzle is currently

waiting patiently for PRJ Golf 2024!

Our goal for Lil Phizzle is to travel the world and bring a positive and uplifting energy to those who travel with him! We honor all the great things Phil Reddy Jr. accomplished during his life by keeping his fun, entertaining energy around. 

If you have a trip planned soon or would like to take Lil Phizzle on an adventure, please contact us and let us know.

He is always on-the-go and looks forward to all the adventures to come!

Where has Lil Phizzle been?!

July 2022 | Massachusetts

Lil Phizzle is ready to travel - but when he's not on the road, he is settled in Peabody, Massachusetts. 

August 2022 | Spain


Lil Phizzle visits Valencia, Spain! Valencia is Spain's third-largest city. It is famous for the City of Arts and Sciences, the Valencia Cathedral, the Old Town, the Central Market, and being the birthplace of paella. Valencia is also popular for its peculiar museums, quirky festivals, beautiful sunny weather, and fantastic sandy beaches!

September 2022 | Italy


Lil Phizzle travels to Italy! So far, he has visited the towns of Tivoli and Assisi. Lil Phizzle is rested in Florence for a bit before flying back home.


February 2023 | Las Vegas

We went to Las Vegas for the NFL Flag Football National Championship. Lili represented the Patriots for Under 10 all-girls. They lost in the championship game. Several pro-bowlers attended the flag games. The kids got to meet them and get autographs. We also attended the pro bowl at Allegiant Stadium where the kids met several more players. Some of the pics are us at the hotel (MGM), out to dinner and at Top Golf. 

April 2024 | Portugal

Exploring Lisbon, Portugal! This awesome city by the sea is packed with cool old neighborhoods, yummy pastries (try the pastéis de nata!), and loads of history to discover. A sunny adventure awaits in Lisbon!


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